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Number 1 Fanboy of Shakespeare: Tom Hiddleston

How encouraging is it to find that one of your favourite actors is a Shakespeare fanboy?! For me, it's amazing.

One example is David Tennant. I love him as the Doctor, but when he gets all excited over Shakespeare I can't help blushing. It's just so sweet. But we're not talking about him today.

A couple of months ago, I fell in love with Tom Hiddleston's Loki. I said it right. I don't really know about the man, but I sure sympathise with the character he played, in this case the naughty brother of Thor Odinson - Loki.

And he's just a Shakespeare fanboy. Anybody wants evidence?

He radiates happiness touching the First Folio as if he's a pilgrim touching the Holy Grail. Well, more videos below.

I don't see the God of Mischief, only a fan talking about his idol.

I don't really know Tom Hiddleston that much to speak more about him, but one thing for sure: Shakespeare's fan is always my friend. Maybe I like him now more due to the fact that he lo…